Friday, October 19, 2012

I'm baaaack!

So I took a pretty long hiatus.  I had been on a roll with blogging but we found out we were expecting baby #2!  That pregnancy was hard on me, I was exhausted all the time, and with a 5 year old and a full time job, something had to go, and it was this blog.

At the time I had lost focus about what my blog was about. I wanted to tell you all my tips on how I save money and how my family is working to get out of debt. But, I was too busy trying to figure out how to make a tiny bit of money with this site while getting you all the information you can use... and that burned me out.

Since the baby came (It's a girl!) we have been in a bit more debt. We can't use as much of our income to pay off anything because we have two kids in daycare now. I need to save money more than ever!

I still use coupons, but not to the degree that I used to.  I have not done a major shopping trip in a while. We eat out way too much. I have been choosing convenience over savings way too much.

So, all of that being said, I'm going to ease back into blogging and couponing and deals shopping.

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