Saturday, January 29, 2011

Free Sample of Origins Anti-Wrinkle Serum

I love Origins products but they are so expensive!  Try the Origins Anti-Wrinkle Serum for free.  Sign up for your free sample on the Origins Facebook Page!

Click on "like" then fill out the form!

Cheaply Made Toy...

Today we took a trip to the Carnegie Science Center. A generous friend of mine in my playgroup, Burgh Families & Friends, planned a trip today and we got in free because of her membership.  It was a nice time and we were able to stay for only a few hours and I didn't feel guilty because we didn't pay for admission.

On the way out, B begged me for a toy from the science center store, as usual.  Today I told him he had $6 to spend if he chose, since he had this week's allowance and last week's too.  He chose a cheaply made toy, which I tried to talk him out of; however, since it was his money that he had earned, I thought if he chose this toy maybe it would show him how fast you could spend your money and end up with nothing to show for it.

He played with this toy in the car, and when he got home he played for a little bit longer. Next thing I knew, it was broken.  He was very upset.  I knew when he bought this toy that is was cheaply made, but I thought maybe the company should hear what I thought about it.  I looked up the website on the packaging and the company looks like a legitimate one with a lot of interesting and what looks to be quality products.  So, I decided to write them a short note about how this product broke very quickly, and it was poor quality.  Who knows if anything will come out of it, but a short, very professional comment made me feel a little bit better. 

From my experience lately in writing short compliments to companies about their products I use and like, I found that they have responded kindly and send product coupons, sometimes free coupons, for me to use.  I usually don't complain about a product unless I have something legitimate to say... so hopefully something comes out of this.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Freebies & Deals in my Inbox Today


Free Maggi Soup Sample

Sample of Dentek Floss Picks

Free Subscription to Mighty Book Jr
This is FREE
BE Sure to follow the instructions below
Interactive Books that inspire early childhood literacy. For Grades K-6.
Enter coupon code: learntoread
Then select the $99 Single Household Subscription
(These are online books kids can read)
**They send out a confirmation email,**

Free Pet Safety Pack from ASPCA (includes window decals)


Fill out email addresses for up to 10 friends and they get an email to sign up for a sample!
Never heard of House Party?  You sign up to "host" an event with friends/family, and they provide you with a kit of free stuff for the party!

Online Shopping - Save 20% with code 20WINTER, ends 1/26/11

Aveda - 1/24/11 only - free shipping with any order plus 2 free samples at checkout

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Buy any Johnson's Natural Product and Get a Free Gift!

Saw this in my Parents Magazine this month...

Teach your child a lesson about paying it forward to the earth by texting TREE to 467467 to receive a free* Tree in a Box gift (a $6 value). Be ready with the UPC code of the Johnson's Natural product you purchased. Visit for more information!

In the fine print it says while supply of 250 lasts... so this may be gone already, but thought I would pass it on!

Kmart Assist Program for Unemployed Customers

If you are unemployed you can get an additional 20% off over 1,500 regular-priced grocery and drugstore items for up to six months
Eligibility:Kmart customers who present state-issued identification (driver’s license or identification card) and a state-issued unemployment benefits enrollment confirmation are eligible to participate in the program (“Eligible Participants”). At checkout, cardholders will be required to show their valid discount card, their state-issued identification card for signature verification and their state-issued unemployment benefits enrollment verification. Valid signature verification is required to use the card.
More details here.

Free Subscription to Newsweek

Those of you who know me personally know I love magazines!  Most of them I get for free!

Sign up to receive Newsweek for Free from RewardsGold!  I know that the sign up looks a little shady, however, I have signed up for their offers in the past, and they do come! And... you don't get a bill! Only those reminder to subscribe bills, but you can just ignore them.

Yes, I'm Cheap... Have you heard?

Today I caught myself doing something and I realized, boy am I cheap.  Chris was taking a shower and I was doing my makeup, and he handed me an empty tube of toothpaste to throw away.  I took it, and then flattened it out as much as possible, and handed it back to him. I said, "You can use this once or twice more.  If you could only get a few more toothbrushings out of each tube... you could save... well, one or two tubes over a lifetime. Which I get for free anyway. Oh." 

He thinks I'm cheap... however, when the cheap-ness pays off, he's not complaining.

A few other examples of things I do that are pretty cheap.

I have a collection of paper that I use to print on mostly - for coupons, recipes, etc. Currently it's old letterhead from Chris's company they were going to throw away, printouts from my work, etc.  I have another folder with "good" (aka new) paper.  When we go to print something "good" (a letter, etc) we have to swap out good paper for the regular (aka old) paper.

While doing laundry, I realized that using half a dryer sheet is as effective as a whole one. So I cut all of the dryer sheets in the box in half... I figure, if you need more, just use two halves.

We hardly ever use paper towels. Almost two years ago, I bought a 12 or 18 pack from Sam's Club... we still have about 6.  Anything fabric-y we throw away in this house (old dishtowels, ripped flannel sheets, etc) get turned into rags.

What cheap things have you caught yourself doing lately?

Free Sample of Breathe Right Strips!

Sign up for a free sample of Breathe Right strips!  Your sample will include two strips. I've received this in the past and I have to say they come in handy when you have a cold!

Rite Aid Deals ... and Free Light Bulbs

Below is the link for Rite Aid deals this week, but this one caught my eye on the deal blogs.

GE Extra Soft White Light Bulbs $1.99 (limit of 6)
Buy 1, Receive $1.99 +Up Reward
Pay $1.99, Receive $1.99 +Up Reward
Final Price:  FREE

The Krazy Coupon Lady has all of this week's Rite Aid deals here.

5 A Day from Couponing to Disney

If you haven't been to the Couponing to Disney site, you're missing out!  Her site is wonderful for many reasons, but one of my favorite features on her site is the 5-a-day.

The 5-a-day is a campaign to write to companies to get coupons.  This site lists 5 companies each day, and the links to their contact page.  You can fill out your information, and I always include a compliment on their products.  In the past few weeks I have done a few of these and I actually received some coupons this week.  I wrote to Smart Ones that I like their meals, especially the Orange Chicken Meal (it tastes like chinese food to me!) and they sent me four coupons for 75 cents off a meal.  If you have a complaint about a product, go ahead and write that if you feel like it, but I almost always choose a specific product that I like and write about that.  Be sincere...

This is a good way to get special coupons that you can use for what you buy specifically, or receive coupons for products that aren't usually in the papers.

Organizing your Coupons

I've had several questions lately on how I keep my coupons organized.  Michele even requested that I blog about it.

My first advice to someone who has started couponing is to find a system that works for you. I started with a small accordion file, which is good for a beginning couponer or someone who only collects specific coupons.  When I realized that the 13 pockets weren't enough for me to a.) hold all the coupons I was collecting, and b:) find what I needed quickly in the store, I switched to my own system of a plastic basket filled with envelopes, and the envelopes had all the categories I needed.  This system worked a while for me, but the envelopes did not hold up for long, and the basket was open, which meant I had to be very careful with it when I left the house.

Finally while reading one of the many couponing blogs I like, I found out about My Coupon Keeper.  This has been my favorite system so far, and it is the one I use now.

The idea of it is pretty simple actually, it is a very sturdy plastic box, with tabbed dividers that come with labels that you can affix yourself.  When I got mine in the mail, I didn't see the labels in the box, so I made my own and that is mostly what I use now for my categories.

Here are two pictures of my personal coupon organizer.  I have the categories set up specifically in the categories that I like to search for the coupons, and then in alphabetical order.

Here's my list of categories. As you will notice, most are pretty general, except the health and beauty items are broken out in more categories... the main reason is that a lot of these items are cheap or free at the drugstores, so using my system this way will help me get the maximum amount of free stuff!
BOGO/Free - This is used for the BOGO coupons, free coupons, and high value coupons.  This way I'm less likely to miss one I really wanted to use.
Beauty - skin care, misc Health & Beauty
Body Wash/Lotion
Drug Items
Eye Care
Feminine Products
First Aid
Organic - This is broken out separately because the store I primarily shop at has a specific section for organic products.
Giant Eagle
Rite Aid

I chose the stores at the end specifically because they are the stores that I receive the most store specific coupons.

The coupon system also comes with these small plastic holders, which I use for the following: one for unsorted coupons (for this box) and one for unsorted coupons for restaurants, stores, etc.  I'll show that section in a bit.

So this is how I store the coupons.  Once a month, usually in the last week of the month, I spend a little time and go through what I have.  My main coupon box is mostly full by the end of the month, so I purge the coupons that are expiring that month. Doing this in the last week means that I have time to go through the ones that will expire and go to the store if there are any HOT coupons to be used!  (Most of the time I will make a run to the store to purchase whatever is in my BOGO/Free section!)

Each week, I look at the savings/deals blogs and find out what I'm going to buy. I write down a shopping list for each store with what I am planning to purchase that week.  Then I either match the coupons from my organizer or print whatever I need to from the Internet.  I store each store's list and coupons in a separate accordion file.

My categories for this file are the stores that I will shop at or do deals for.

Rite Aid
Giant Eagle
Shop N Save
Office Supplies
Online (for online coupon codes, etc)

Now don't think that since I have a category for the store that I shop at each store each week. Oh no.  I keep this file separate for several reasons, but the main one is that I like to do the drugstore shopping (CVS and Rite Aid) on my lunch hour since I work downtown. This saves me a lot of time and most of the time I buy what's on my list.  This way I can keep my Register Rewards (Walgreens), Extra Care Bucks (CVS), and UP Rewards (Rite Aid) with my weekly list.  Also if I find that I am stopping at Giant Eagle for one thing, I will have my file with the hot deals that I don't want to miss.

Last week I did all of my lists for the week over the weekend.  Then I found that I didn't make it to any of the stores at all. Some weeks are like that, and I don't feel like I missed anything because even though there were things I could have gotten for free, it was nothing I needed desperately.

Lastly, I'll show you the file I use to organize restaurant and store coupons.  I have changed this system several times as well... they used to be by category but some categories, such as restaurants and stores, had a lot of coupons, where other categories were empty, or there was not a category where a coupon fit well.  Now I organize them alphabetically and this saves me a lot of time.

Like I said - you need to find the system that works for you!! 

Other systems I didn't mention, that I have not tried are the binder system, and organizing coupon inserts by week.

The binder system was demonstrated on the Extreme Couponing show on TLC by Joanie the Krazy Coupon Lady.  I found this one to be time consuming for me, and I'd rather have a smaller box of coupons to stick in my tote bag that I take to the store. 

Organizing the coupon inserts by week has several advantages.  First, if you buy multiple papers to collect the coupons (I usually purchase at least three) then you don't have to cut them all.  Second, the deals/coupons blogs usually feature the deals and list the coupons by week that they were released (i.e. Smart Source, 1/23 or Redplum 1/23, etc).  I don't like to use this method because I collect coupons from many sources... and I like to have them all with me when I make a trip.
Do you have a method or system that you like? Please comment on it if you have anything to add!

Update: I have a special deal for my readers.  If you enter code JOURNEYTODEBTREE, you will receive an additional purse sized folder FREE!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

15 Free Fonts from Scrap N Fonts

Do you like scrapbooking? I do!  And what do I love more than scrapbooking?  Freebies!  So Scrapbooking Freebies?  YAY!

For a limited time, you can download 15 free fonts from Scrap N Font

You just need to choose which fonts to add to your cart and then sign in or register for an account.  You do not need a credit card to order.  You can even download the installer for each of the fonts, if you don’t know how to install them on your computer yourself.
Thanks Centsable Momma!

CVS Deals - 1/16 - 1/22

Couponing to Disney has the under $1 CVS deals for the week!

Here are my picks:
Crest Pro-Health, 3D White Vivid, with Scope Outlast Toothpaste (4-4.2 oz) Pro-Health Rinse (8.4 oz) or Oral-B Satin Floss (55 yds) — $2.99 Use $1/1 Crest from 1/16 PG
Pay $1.99 and get back $2
Total: 01c Money Maker!

Orbit Gum - b1g1 free
BOGO printable
Total: FREE

Dawn Hand Renewal Dish Liquid — $0.97
Use $1/1 from Home Made Simple Booklet (that we requested a while back)
or .50/1 from 12/26 PG
Total: FREE

Find all the CVS deals on Coupon Katarina's site!

Rite Aid Video Values

Do you shop at Rite Aid? If so you should check out their Video Values program. 

Video Values shows you short videos in exchange for coupons to use at Rite Aid!  You can use these Rite Aid coupons in addition to a manufacturer's coupon for big savings!!

Right now if you watch 15 beauty videos, you can get $4 off a $20 beauty purchase.

20% off TGI Fridays

Here is a coupon good for 20% off your table's entire food purchase, good until 1/27/2011!

I only like to go out to eat if I have a coupon!! 

While you're at it, sign your child up for the TGI Friday's Penguins Kids Club!  I signed Braden up and he got an "autographed" Fleury photo, and a pass that can be used for free food at TGI Fridays!  (2 of each: Free Sunday Breakfast, Free Kids Slush, Free Dessert, Free Kids Meal).  Even if you're not a Penguins fan (but we are!) the free food is worth it!

Free Nook Books

 The following education related Nook downloads are good until 1/17/2011.

Kaplan AP Biology

From Here to Freshman Year

Caffeine Will Not Help You Pass That Test

Legally Speaking, Revised and Updated

There are a lot of other free Nook downloads for free available here.

These can be read on the Nook reader or you can download the app for PC, iPad, Android, iPhone, etc.  I use the PC app, and I have been downloading whatever free books look interesting, in case I get a Nook reader...

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Free Organizing Seminar at Peters Township Library

I just read that there is a free clutter seminar at the Peters Township Library on January 22nd!  It is at 10:00 am.  I am planning to attend! The seminar features "...But I Might Need it Someday!" guest speaker Patty Kreamer.

You can register for this free program at the library or by e-mailing


I know I haven't been working on this blog at all lately...  I apologize for that.  We have had some issues to deal with, one of them being selecting a new daycare for our son. 

As for our progress in savings - I have not been shopping much at all. I have been sticking to my allowance. After paying bills today I realize that we need to make a budget - and quick!!  Even though we've cut our daily spending, our bills and debt are still a big portion of our monthly budget.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Join the Mad Mex E-mail club

Join the Mad Mex Email Lista for the following benefits:

  • Complementary Lunch Special in your e-mail
  • Birthday deal
  • Special deals & offers

Benihana's Kabuki Kids Program

Sign your child(ren) up for the Benihana's Kabuki Kids Program.   During the month of their birthday, they will receive a postcard that they can redeem for a free mug!

Request Coupons by Mail from Febreze

Request coupons by mail from Febreze!

Check out the Krazy Coupon Lady's Printable Coupon Database

For those of you that saw TLC's Extreme Couponing, Joanie the Krazy Coupon Lady has a great website!

Her site has a printable coupon database, where you can look for a printable coupon for many products!

Check it out here!

My Weekly Grocery Picks - Shop N Save - 12/30-1/5

Buy $20 of General Mills, get $5 off instantly!  "Participating Products" in the ad.

Wonder Bread or 6 pk English Muffins - 10/10

Lean Cuisine - Selected Varieties - 4/10
$1/3 -

Pepsi - 2L - 4/5 - get 1 free instantly = 5/5
*** try to use the Foodland Coupon for Pepsi since it's a manufacturer's coupon, not a store coupon, and see if you can get another Pepsi for free...

General Mills Cereal - 5/10 - Cheerios, Cocoa Puffs, Trix.
$1 off Cheerios -
$1.00/2 – General Mills Cereal, Basic 4, Cheerios(any), Chex(any), Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Cocoa Puffs, Cookie Crisps – (
$1.00/2 – General Mills Cereal, Basic 4, Cheerios(any), Chex(any), Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Cocoa Puffs, Cookie Crisps – (
$1.00/2 – General Mills Cereal, Basic 4, Cheerios(any), Chex(any), Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Cocoa Puffs, Cookie Crisps– (
$1.00/2 – General Mills Cereal, Basic 4, Cheerios(any), Chex(any), Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Cocoa Puffs, Cookie Crisps – (
$1.00/2 – General Mills Cereal, Basic 4, Cheerios(any), Chex(any), Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Cocoa Puffs, Cookie Crisps – (
$1.00/2 – General Mills Cereal, Basic 4, Cheerios(any), Chex(any), Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Cocoa Puffs, Cookie Crisps – ( 

YoPlus Yogurt - 3/5
$1 off 1 -
50c off 1 -

My Weekly Grocery Picks - Foodland - 12/30-1/5

Here is my weekly grocery pick list for Foodland. I will try to do coupon matchups soon.

$5 off coupon in the ad when you purchase $20 of General Mills products.  Progresso is 10/10 and Yoplait is 20/$10 but many other brands are included.
If you do the 10/10 deal on Progresso and 20/10 Yoplait, you can get the $5 off bonus coupon!
There is also a mail in for 50 bonus box tops with $20 General Mills purchase!

Bounty Basic Paper Towels - 8 pk - 3.99 (with in ad coupon + $20 purchase)

Clementines - 5 lb box - 3.99

Pepsi 2 liters - 4/5 - Plus in Ad Coupon - 5/$5

Progresso Soups - Selected Varieties - 10/$10
Like Progresso on Facebook and get $1/4 (hit back to print a second one)

Borden American Cheese Singles - 12 oz pkg - BOGO
$1 off of 1 - Friends of 

Yoplait Light Yogurt - 20/$10
50c off 4-
50c off 4 -

Special K - 4/$10
Special K Coupon
-$1/2 Kellogg’s Special K Cereals 11.4 oz+ 1-2-11 RP2 x2/13
Special K BOGO offer

Lean Cuisine - 5/$10

YoPlait Yo Plus - 3/5
50c off 1 -

Spaghetti O's 10/10 (Use these for your Beauty & the Beast / Toy Story 3 rebate in my prior post)

D'Italiano Bread - BOGO

Lean Pockets - 5/10
55c off 1 -

Kids Events at South Park Library

The South Park Library has many events for kids, but these are the ones I will try to be attending!

Lego Lab - Thursdays at 6:30 PM
January 20 - Prehistoric Times
February 10 - Medievel Castle
March 17 - Egypt
April 14 - Pirates
May 12 - Summer Fun

Family Storytime - Tuesdays at 7:00 PM
January 18th - May 10th
Fun for kids ages 2-6 and their families

Chick Fil A Family Nights

January's Chick Fil A Family Nights at the South Hills Chick-Fil-A are Tuesdays 5:30-7:30

January 4th - Snowman Night
Come create your own snowman sticker scene! After you're done, this snowman won't melt away! To make you feel like a snowman, don't forget to eat your FREE Ice Dream Bar!

January 11th - Movie Night
Best Buy comes and sets up a mini movie theater. We will be showing Happy Feet. The movie will start at 5:45 pm and is 108 minutes long. As always, we will have a FREE Ice Dream Bar when you buy a kid's meal.

January 18th - Washington Wild Things Winter Caravan
The Washington Wild Thing and his caravan will be at Chick-Fil-A! The caravan gives fans a chance to meet the Wild Things mascot, learn about the team and win cool prizes. Be sure to look for the secret code on the team's website, Facebook and Twitter accounts to win great Wild Things prizes at Chick-Fil-A!

January 25th - Winter Wonderland Night
Huntington Learning Center will be transforming Chick-Fil-A into a Winter Wonderland. Kids can design their own snowflake craft. Huntington always has a huge raffle basket as well.

Fitness Magazine - only 2.99/year

You all know I love magazines! is offering a subscription to Fitness magazine for only 2.99!
  • Head over to, click buy.
  • Enter your email and coupon code FITNESS.
  • You can buy up to 4 years at 2.99/yr!
Thanks Give Me Neither!

Free Samples of the Day - 1/1/2011

Fill your mailbox with freebies!!  Thanks to $aving Toward a Better Life for some of the links!

Emergen-C Blue

Poise Pads - Sam's Club (no Member # needed)

Sample pack Kleenex

Natural Persimmon Tea

Pro-Biotiks Sample

Halo Free Trial Coupon  (Pet Food)

Natural Nibbles Dog Food

Prilosec (click on the mirror in the picture)

Slim Fast Bar (From Sam's Club)  No Member # required

Free Cup of Yoplait Yogurt - Facebook Offer

Nescafe Sticks Sample

Free Cool Juice - Facebook Offer

Free Digital Subscription to Women's Health, Men's Health, Runner's, or Prevention

Beech Nut Next Step Sample

ZingVia Natural Sweetener

Focus Factor - Must be a Sam's Club Member


Andre Agassi Collector Card


Free Digital Copy of Goals & Priorities Workbook

"Like" Michele Connolly - Get Organized Wizard on Facebook and you can download a free copy (worth $29) of a Goals & Priorities Workbook!

The workbook will be in PDF format.

Like Michele on Facebook and then go to the Free Diary tab and follow the directions!

Send Expired Coupons to Military Overseas!

In my prior post today, I mentioned recycling my expired coupons.   You can send expired coupons to the military overseas, and they can use them at the commissary / PBX stores.

Krazy Coupon Lady has a link on her site and you can send them to a person who will package them to be sent overseas.

Thanks Amanda for reminding me of this!!!

50 Free Points for Disney Movie Rewards

Enter code D11M20R01NY on Disney Movie Rewards for a free 50 points!

If you're not a member of Disney Movie Rewards, you should sign up!  There are points codes inside Disney DVD's and you can use the codes to redeem for some great free Disney products!
You also get free codes from the newsletters, which is where this code came from.

From time to time there are also rewards that cost 0 points, such as screensavers or activities.  There are also coupons for Disney DVD's on the site sometimes!

10 Free Points on Pampers Gifts to Grow!

Enter code F9779FYAHFJRYCN to receive 10 points for Pampers Gifts to Grow

Expired - Free Weebles for Liking on Facebook!

"Like" Playskool on Facebook and then click on the "Weebles Offer" tab to request a free Weebles figurine!

Hurry, this will probably be gone quick!!

It seems that this is expired. Hope you got it!

Fresh Express Coupon - use at Giant Eagle this week!

.50 coupon for Fresh Express Salad

Select Fresh Express is on sale at Giant Eagle for BOGO this week.  You can use this coupon to make it even cheaper!

Thanks Cherry Picker!

My first day of not spending

So, today marks the start of our strict "No Spend Year".   So far, day 1 has gone well! I don't plan on leaving the house today, so that should make not spending pretty easy.  I just have to resist the online deals, which I am passing along today but hopefully not partaking in!

I started the day by weeding through my coupon stash.  I'll be doing a post soon about where I get coupons, how I organize them, etc, later this week.  I would say about 1/3 of my coupons got pitched (well, recycled) because they expired on 12/31.  So I weeded through the coupons, and filed the ones to be filed.  Now I am going through all of the online deals and my e-mail, printing/sharing coupons, and going through my mail basket / inbox processing the paperwork and looking for coupons.

Today will be easy because I just bought a bit of food at the store yesterday and made a bunch of food for our New Year's party.  We'll have plenty to eat today and tomorrow, so the temptation to order food out will be gone.   I'm anxious to see how my first day back to work will be!

And while I was typing this post... my N key fell off of my laptop!  I wonder how to put it back on...

Best Deal Magazines Deal of the Day 1/1/2011

Those of you who know me know I love magazines!

Best Deal Magazines is offering a 1 year subscription to Shape Magazine for only 4.39!

You can save an additional 15% when you use code PXCJ12

They also have 1 year of Car & Driver for 4.69, and 15 issues of Woman's Day for 4.69!

Make sure you shop through, because you can receive an additional 10% back on your purchases from Best Deal Magazines!  See my post on Ebates here! If you are a new signup you get $5 in your account when you sign up! Sign up here!

50% off one item at Borders, 1/1 - 1/2 only!

Stop by to get their printable coupon for 50% off list price of one item!  You should be able to get a great deal.  Valid 1/1 and 1/2 only.

You must be a Borders Rewards member to use this coupon, but the program is free and you can sign up in the store or online.

Thanks Couponing to Disney!

$5 Rebate - Beauty & The Beast or Toy Story 3 and Campbell's Soup

We purchased both of these DVD's for Christmas, so I assume some of you did as well!
Campbell's has a deal if you buy one of the DVD's and 3 Condensed Kids Soups or Spaghetti O's Pasta, you can receive $5 back!

I did this deal already because I purchased Beauty & the Beast, and also 3 Spaghetti O's (I like them :)   They are on sale 10/10 sometimes at Giant Eagle, so by spending an extra $3, you can get $5 back!  Or combine with the Condensed Kids Soup coupon on my earlier post and buy those soups!

Get the rebate form here! Expires on 1/31/2011.

Printable Coupons on Campbell's Website

Campbell's Kitchen site offers printable coupons for their products.  The coupons change, so check back to see if there is anything new!

Current deals:
$1 off 4 "Great for Cooking" Soups
$1 off 3 Condensed Healthy Kids Soups
$1 off 2 cartons of Swanson Broth
$1 off 2 Pepperidge Farm Crackers
$1 off 2 Pepperidge Farm Holiday Cookies
$1 off French's Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce
$1 off V8 Fusion + Tea Beverage
.50 off one can Chunky Soup
$1 off two cans Chunky Soup
$1.50 off three cans Chunky Soup
$2 off four cans Chunky Soup
$1 off two cans Healthy Harvest Soup
$1 off V8 Soup

CVS Coupon matchups 1/2/11 - 1/8/11

Coupon Teacher has the CVS Matchups for the week of 1/2/11!

For those of you who are new to shopping CVS, you can get the deals with the Extra Care Card (sign up in the store).  ECB's are Extra Care Bucks, they print at the checkout for your next shopping trip.

Coupon Teacher has a great explanation of how the CVS deals work here.

New Month = New Coupons on

The new month (and new year) means new coupons are available on!

A few of the new ones I've spotted:

$1 off two Mars Valentine's Candy
$1 off two Hanover Complements
$1 off Welch's juice 10 oz 6 pack

For me, there were 12+ pages of coupons!

A few notes about

Coupons usually expire in a month, expiration is usually based on when you print the coupon. 
You can print each coupon twice if you'd like.
Coupons vary based on zip code sometimes, so start with your zip, and then use a few others (I like to try 90210) to see if you get any different coupons.

Visit the link here to print!

CLOSED: CONTEST: Win 20% off Diapers from Amazon code

I have 2 coupon codes for an additional 20% off diapers from  The codes are good until 1/31/11.

If you are a member of Amazon Mom (free to sign up!) you can get 15% off diapers already, and stacked with this 20% off code, you can get an awesome deal!

If you'd like to be eligible to win, please leave a comment on this post, I will use to select a winner based on comment number.

I will select two winners! The contest will end at 12:00 PM EST on 1/9/2011.   If selected, I will e-mail you the code!