Sunday, January 23, 2011

Yes, I'm Cheap... Have you heard?

Today I caught myself doing something and I realized, boy am I cheap.  Chris was taking a shower and I was doing my makeup, and he handed me an empty tube of toothpaste to throw away.  I took it, and then flattened it out as much as possible, and handed it back to him. I said, "You can use this once or twice more.  If you could only get a few more toothbrushings out of each tube... you could save... well, one or two tubes over a lifetime. Which I get for free anyway. Oh." 

He thinks I'm cheap... however, when the cheap-ness pays off, he's not complaining.

A few other examples of things I do that are pretty cheap.

I have a collection of paper that I use to print on mostly - for coupons, recipes, etc. Currently it's old letterhead from Chris's company they were going to throw away, printouts from my work, etc.  I have another folder with "good" (aka new) paper.  When we go to print something "good" (a letter, etc) we have to swap out good paper for the regular (aka old) paper.

While doing laundry, I realized that using half a dryer sheet is as effective as a whole one. So I cut all of the dryer sheets in the box in half... I figure, if you need more, just use two halves.

We hardly ever use paper towels. Almost two years ago, I bought a 12 or 18 pack from Sam's Club... we still have about 6.  Anything fabric-y we throw away in this house (old dishtowels, ripped flannel sheets, etc) get turned into rags.

What cheap things have you caught yourself doing lately?

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