Tuesday, December 21, 2010

How I Make Extra Money Online - SurveySavvy

I spend a lot of time online.  I like to fill out surveys.  I like to try new products free!  For these reasons, I belong to several (well, a lot) of survey companies online.

SurveySavvy is one of them.  I have been a member of SurveySavvy for a while now, and have received checks from them in the past.  (See below for my history)

The surveys did not take a long time to take, and some of them were even interesting.  It is nice to be able to request a check every few months and have some "extra" money!

Also, if you refer your friends, you also receive a small incentive when they complete surveys.

Sign up today! 

Disclosure:  I included my referral link in this post, so when you sign up, you will be signing up through my account.  Once you are signed up, you can refer your friends and family to help increase your earnings.

    Account Balance for Christen 
Surveys Completed

      My Surveys 3 $26.50       

      Referrals' Surveys 3 $3.00       

      Their Referrals' Surveys 0 $0.00       

      Miscellaneous Incentives   $1.00       

      Lifetime Account Total   $30.50       

      Total Payments Requested   $29.50       

      Amount Remaining in Account   $1.00       

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