Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Week 2 Spending Update

Today's Spending....

So in a moment of weekness, I went with a friend to the Pens Store at the Consol Energy Center today. Another friend had given us a coupon for 30% off this week, but it can't be used on game days so today was the day.

When she mentioned she was going, I already had in mind that I was going to buy a Winter Classic T-Shirt. Don't even ask which player I got :)   So, I went to the store.  I resisted temptation to buy something way more expensive.  I bought my T-Shirt, which is regularly $26, for somewhere around $18.

On the way back, I fell into the temptation of Au Bon Pain's macaroni and cheese.  Another $5.00... but... yum!  (And within my budget for the week).  I am only working one more day this week so chances of doing that again are slim to none.

This evening... got gas (expensive!!)  and was supposed to get an oil change... but I pulled in there and they were closed.  So, money saved, but I will spend eventually.

I would be disappointed in myself about buying the t-shirt if I didn't like it so much!  I've been kicking myself for not buying the Malkin St Patrick's Day Penguin shirt back in March, so I know I would regret this later if I didn't buy it.   And, I only have *one* Winter Classic shirt, so....

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