Thursday, March 31, 2011

All About Giant Eagle!

Some of you are experienced coupon shoppers and some of you are just getting started! This post will explain all of the deals and programs that Giant Eagle offers.

For me, Giant Eagle is just this grocery store that I have been shopping at for as early as I can remember.  I remember as a child sitting underneath the cart (these were the higher up shopping carts that the cashier would open the end of the cart and pull things out right to the counter) and going through my mom's coupons trying to help her get the best deal!According to their website, they are one of the largest, privately owned and family-operated companies in the nation.  They serve 5 million unique customers a year.  That's huge.

I live in Pittsburgh, PA, so any prices I use on Giant Eagle posts may be regional.

Advantage Card

First thing when you start shopping at Giant Eagle, you will need an Advantage Card.  The Advantage Card will give you the weekly special prices. You can sign up for an Advantage Card at the store.

Weekly Specials / Manufacturer Coupons

Giant Eagle's sales start Thursday and end Wednesday.  They do double coupons up to 99 cents, which means if you have a 75 cent coupon, it will double to 1.50!  (Most coupons that say "DO NOT DOUBLE" usually double, but you can't guarantee it.  Buy one get one free (BOGO) deals allow you to only buy 1 at half of the price. If they are out of a sale item, ask Customer Service for a rain check, so you can buy it next week for the same price.

Giant Eagle does not accept internet printable coupons for FREE items, Buy One Get One Free, or for values over $3 .  They only allow 12 of the same coupon in an order. They also can refuse to accept an internet coupon if they believe it is "counterfeit". These rules are in the coupon policy, so it is best to read over their policy so you know the rules.


Using your Advantage Card at every trip is important, not only for the sale prices, but to accumulate FuelPerks. For every $50 in purchases, you will earn 10 cents in FuelPerks, which gives you 10 cents off of a gallon of gas at the GetGo  gas stations.  (Purchases at the store at the GetGo station also accumulate fuelperks.)  From time to time, Giant Eagle also offers promotions that help you earn more fuelperks, like buying retailer gift cards, or in March during frozen food month, there were additional promotions.


Getting your gas at GetGo will accumulate FoodPerks. For every 10 dollars of gas you purchase at a GetGo station, you will receive 1% off of your shopping order.  This is one of my favorite deals.  You can use up to (and including) 20% of FoodPerks, and the order total can be up to $300.  This means on a $300 order, if you have 20% FoodPerks, you can save $60!  FoodPerks come off on your bottom line order total, so this is after coupons.


EOffers are like digital coupons that you load onto your Advantage Card on the Giant Eagle website.  You don't have to do anything extra to redeem them, except for buy the correct product / size listed on the site.  You "clip" the coupon and then load it to your card.  You can have up to 45 eOffers on your card, but any more than that and none of them will work.  You also need to load them to your card 3 hours before you shop, so it is best to try to do it at least the day before.

You can redeem a eOffer and a manufacturer coupon for the same item. If you know that you loaded your eOffer in time but it still didn't come off, visit Customer Service and they should be able to help you.

Other Offers

As mentioned before, Giant Eagle sells retailer gift cards, so you can purchase these with your Advantage Card and you will accumulate FuelPerks on this purchase.

Giant Eagle Pharmacies offer a limited number of FREE medication, including some antibiotics and diabetes medication.  They also have a $4/$10 program, check the lists of medications on their site to see if you are eligible.

I think their policy is if something rings up incorrectly then you get it for free! So watch your prices at the register!

"Catalinas" are the register coupons that print out after you made your purchase.  There are certain purchases that they advertise that will print a dollar off coupon for your next shopping order.  The Catalinas make me laugh because a friend was learning about Giant Eagle deals and she said she ignored the Catalinas because she didn't like the dressing... that makes me smile!

Hopefully these tips will help you get the most for your money at Giant Eagle!

Is there any tips that I missed?

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