Thursday, March 3, 2011

How to Get Started with the Savings...

So you've decided to start saving money?  Yay, you!!  Yes, I know it seems overwhelming, but, fortunately with the internet there are tons of resources out there for you!

You may be asking yourself - how can I get started with couponing and see the savings?

My first suggestion is to start collecting coupons! They come from many sources...
1.  The Sunday newspaper (I almost always buy 2!)
2.  Online sites - the main ones are, Redplum, and Smart Source.  I look here about once a week for any new coupons.
3.  Manufacturer's websites - look on any sites for products that you frequently purchase. Many companies have printable coupons right on their site!
4.  Writing to companies.  Saving Toward a Better Life has a feature called "Contact Us" where you contact companies with compliments/comments, and usually you are rewarded with a coupon! I got a free coupon for Domino's sugar this way...
5.  Coupon clipping services - a good way to get specific high-value coupons.  Recently the newspaper had a coupon for $3 off of Gain softener, which resulted in free deals for a lot of people. This was a coupon in high demand for the clippers, I'm sure!
6.  Coupon trains - This is where you swap coupons from around the country.  I used to do this a few years ago, but stopped now that our local stores take online coupons. For a long time it was in their store policy not to accept them.  If you want to try this, just Google "Coupon train" and you will be sure to find one!

My personal rule on collecting a coupon is - if I use it regularly, of course keep it, if not, would I use it if it was free? or give it away? Then I keep it.

I started "hard core" couponing about 6 months ago. I've always used coupons but lately have been crazier about it.

One tip I did not know is that you can combine store coupons with manufacturer coupons for bigger savings!  CVS/Rite Aid/Walgreens, Target, etc. Target even has a site with their own store coupons!
Stacking coupons together gives you great savings!

In the coming weeks I hope to share more tips with you!

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