Saturday, March 26, 2011

Cheap Entertainment - Redbox!

I love watching movies! Although about 95% of the movies I watch are kids movies. When I don't feel like watching another kids movie, or I want a different kid's movie, I like Redbox!  They are everywhere, there are no late fees, and you can return them at any location!

I just got an email from them that said that you can earn a free rental the first time you use their online reservation. I have used it before, but I plan to try again and see if it works!

Here are some codes for free movies! Remember, you can use the codes once per credit/debit card!

DVDATWAG  -  Walgreens only
DVDKROG - Krogers Only (We don't have Krogers in PA, but someone might have one!) 

Also, sign up on their website for texts and you will receive a text for a free movie the first Monday of each month.  That's free movie night in my house!

Also - keep your eyes open for Groupons for Redbox - last time they offered it, it was 3 Redbox movies for only $1! 

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