Monday, March 7, 2011

Grocery Store Tip - Bigger is not always better!

Shopping at the grocery store, if you had the choice between a small sized item and the same item in a larger size, you would automatically assume that the larger size should be a better value, correct?

I assumed that, until the other day I saw an example that proved that wrong!

I was at the Giant Eagle Market District and remembered that I needed to buy Peanut Butter.  Peanut butter is the only thing as a family, besides Heinz Ketchup, that we are brand picky about. So I headed towards the Jif.  There were two options - Large 40 oz for 5.79, and smaller 28 oz for 3.39.  I almost grabbed the larger size automatically until I looked again at the shelf.

If you look closely at the shelf tag, at most stores, it will actually tell you how much per unit (ounce, etc) that the product is.  The 40 oz size said 14.4c and the smaller size said 12c.  So ... which one to choose? Of course the one with the smaller per unit cost! And to add to it, the smaller size was on sale! 2/3! 

So the lesson is, check the shelf tag!  To get an accurate savings - factor in any store deals and coupons that you may have as well to get the true per unit price.  Using per unit price will help you to get a better deal!

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